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Publication Design

Jane Perini is an award-winning designer who, as a top magazine designer in the Washington, DC area and the Southwest, has taken over 800 publications to print. With over 30 years of art direction leadership, Jane has deep and broad experience in the world of print production. This includes annual reports, white papers, fundraising packages, workbooks, newsletters and catalogs.

In the last several years we have created highly targeted magazines for our clients. In most cases we provide some or all of the editorial content, photography, advertising layouts, and custom interior design and production. We can also help engineer distribution and advertising sales.

Niche magazines can serve as an excellent communication channel. They create broad PR buzz and can be near zero cost to our clients with proper advertising support. Magazines can also be profit centers. Because the publishing world has changed radically in the past decade with improved printing efficiencies, digital technology, and the cost effectiveness of shorter print runs, smaller niche targeted magazines are attractive and affordable for many businesses and nonprofits.

A well-crafted magazine is an impressive PR vehicle for telling your story, raising funds, increasing sales and finding new customers. Magazines have staying power and great pass along value. Digital versions of print publications upload easily from our special magazine platform to mobile devices as well. We’ll show you how it can be a profit center for your business or nonprofit. If you are inspired by our work, we look forward to exploring this possibility with you.