Web Development – SEO – Analytics

When we engage in a web development project we “begin with the end in mind.” Mostly we ask many questions about what you want to achieve with your website and listen intently.

Whether you are looking to drive more qualified visitors to your website or increase your visit-to-lead conversion rate, we can help.

Then we’ll develop a visual mind map tool to graphically illustrate your web universe and together we’ll refine it as we engage in the creative process.

We love to create visually stunning websites for our clients. Orchestrating images, words, and clear navigation are what we excel at. Right brain stuff.

Yet beautiful websites don’t necessarily provide you with lead generation or sell your products. So for the left brain stuff: search engine marketing, web analytics, pay-per-click campaigns and employing the ever expanding web and social marketing strategies, we partner with a phenomenally talented folks that are at this morning, noon and night.

When prospective customers are searching the Internet for products and services like yours how easily can they find your website? Once they do are their visits converting to leads? If not why? If so, why? The answer to these two questions can drive all your future online marketing and advertising decisions.

Together our goal is help business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits and individuals generate more revenue and profit by increasing the performance of their online advertising and marketing strategies.

And the most effective way to do this is to put in place a system that accurately measures, tracks, and uncovers the tangible results generated by each (strategy) so that high-performers can be emphasized and low or non-performers can be changed or eliminated.

And along the way we can make your site visually stunning and logical.

Social Media Interface

Recently web searches on Facebook outpaced Google! How you position yourself in the social media landscape is important to crafting your messages, increasing your fan base/followers. With you we will develop an entire social media strategy.

Social Video Marketing: A Huge Wave Coming.

“Social video” marketing is a new trend that is getting great results on the search engines. Through a bundled suite of affordable video communication products our clients can take full advantage of the power of online video. We are all storytellers and video is the next best thing to being there.

Increased bandwidth, inexpensive shoot-and-upload, high-quality video cams and a simple-to-use video communications and marketing platform provides many new message development opportunities for small to medium sized enterprises.

There is a huge social media video communications wave coming. At TMDC we have incorporated for our clients the use of video as the central organizing element for social interaction and storytelling online.

Web Metrics and Analytics

How are you—your organization, business, and enterprise being received online? How do you stack up in the marketplace? Sales up? Client retention strong? Ads working? Online strategies on target? Social media getting results? How do you know? If you don’t know isn’t it crucial to find out?

What would it mean for your business if you could double, triple or quadruple your website’s visit-to-lead conversion rate?  More profit? More market share? Regardless of the size of your enterprise it all starts with measuring your online marketing reality and knowing what’s working and what isn’t.

We’re talking about increased profitability through intelligent Web analytics
And metrics.

We can help you track, measure, analyze, reprioritize and reallocate your marketing dollars. In today’s challenging economic environment maximum creativity and marketing intelligence is imperative. Web analytics—executed by pros is essential for your online marketing campaigns.

Instead of slashing and burning your ad budget, why not find out exactly what your ad buys and your marketing investments are resulting in?

Our strategic alliance with Blue Corona Interactive rounds out an entirely new and vital dimension to our services with Marketing Measurement. Through Blue Corona’s proprietary web analytics and metrics technology we are able to ensure that business owners measurably increase the performance of their advertising and marketing.

Social video marketing stats: NOTE

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