Telling your story, branding your company, selling your services and products

We are in the age of storytelling. Just look at the explosion in social media marketing. Connection is everything. Your website, Facebook presence, blog comprises much of your core communications landscape. It’s dynamic and evolving, or it should be. And if you’re really lucky online visitors will connect with you in such a way that they “get who you are.”

Another way to tell your story that we have found to be very successful is less marketing and more inspiration. We call it StoryBooking. It’s about your company brought to life through stories, stunning imagery, humor and poignancy… in print form. And it can mirror your online world in a deeper, richer way.

Books are concrete. They get looked at and passed along. They have “legs”…they produce multiple impressions that keep working. They offer a great PR and buzz.

Amazingly, for organizations with compelling histories and great imagery potential, these StoryBooks can both tell your story, deepening your brand and customers… and can be sold as a revenue stream, underwriting some of your marketing!

Once created your company StoryBook is perfect to:

  • sell and make a profit
  • make a presentation from
  • leave behind for your prospect, potential donor
  • mail it out
  • offer it as a thank you
  • inspire your own people with your company story
  • provide orientation for new hires

Your unique company book can be done reasonably, professionally… and one at a time… with no inventory to hang you up! Or for short-run printing of multiple copies in the hundreds or thousands.

With print-on-demand options new company information can be changed easily for the next on-demand printing. So your company book becomes a real-time, living document.

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