Public Relations

Telling your story in compelling ways that builds trust, credibility, validates who you are and creates a bond with your targeted audience is the job of public relations.

That’s what we said a couple of years ago.

Now we hear about building your fan base on Facebook, amassing huge followings on Twitter, finding new customers through networking on Linkedin, and uploading timely stories on YouTube, and you’re your own proprietary Fusion Wall site.

It’s the new social media and it’s demanding your attention, consideration and participation. And of course there is your blog, keeping it fresh and relevant to your message.

At the end of the day it’s still about message crafting, PR strategies and campaign execution.

We are communications specialists and when it comes to creating effective PR messages and campaigns, the essentials still hold true. You may know what you want to say to your constituents/audience, but what do you want them to hear? There is a big difference between the two.

We are often in the mode of guerilla PR and marketing…finding quick, effective, economical ways to get your story told. Sometimes that can be as simple as a great event photo with a caption and a link to your website in the local paper.

Or shooting a video with a hand-held video camera, uploading it through a simple-to-use video communications platform (that we provide) with your branded frame/template and sending it instantly to your targeted audiences or fan base via Facebook and Twitter.

Call us to discuss your specific PR needs, an upcoming event, or a protracted campaign. We love to brainstorm creative solutions and usually end up giving away new ideas and approaches in our free 30 minute consultation…whether you choose to work with us or not.

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