Photography & Illustration

Stock photography has been a huge game changer. The explosion of digital stock photography houses that offer millions of images has produced a seismic change. We have literally designed entire books by acquiring full rights images and then manipulating them for the right look and feel. Years ago, in the pre-digital era, that was almost impossible.

Sourcing the right image calls upon our design sense and to a large degree the intuitive process. Trying to source images on your own often results in enormous frustration, as it can be quite overwhelming.

For local and regional clients we offer excellent editorial photography. Think photojournalism where an assignment might also require interviewing and writing. On many occasions we have covered events and provide a strong photograph in a newspaper or magazine with an informative caption to grab attention.

We have shot straightforward product shots, advertising set-ups, original art, informal headshots, dance performances, architecture, and interiors for real estate sales and Bed and Breakfast portfolios.

Depending on the project we can also find the best photographer. That also holds true for illustrators. Over the years Jane has worked with numerous illustrators who she hired for magazine cover design and ads. Like stock photography, there are also less expensive options online. Our job is to always be your creative source for the best outcome.

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