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Whatever the path to finding new customers, retaining your best customers and increasing profitability, there is a solution. At Thunder Mountain Design & Communications we are in the creative solutions business. We solve problems and challenges with clear advertising and marketing strategies.

The right advertising strategy depends on you, the client, your product and services, your target audiences, the market place, the geographic region, your competition, your ad budget and a whole host of other factors.

The basics are the same. What do you want your targeted audience to hear, think, feel and most importantly, do? What’s the call to action, unique selling proposition? Is your advertising piece more about the benefits than features?

With extensive sales and marketing experience we are equipped to ask you the right questions that will uncover the often hidden treasures of your enterprise. We call it nugget research. What nuggets can we discover about you, your business and organization that you may be too close to see? It all starts with questions.

Social Media

Recently web searches on Facebook outpaced Google! How you position yourself in the social media landscape is important to crafting your messages, increasing your fan base/followers, and converting visits to results through offers, ethical bribes and calls to action.

With you we will develop an entire social media strategy within your budget and will explore more highly targeted advertising on social media sites like Facebook.

Logo/Brand Development

Your logo describes the essence of who you are in graphic symbol, typography or both. It brands your enterprise; it gives your organization an identity and helps tell the story of who you are. Your logo needs to work in many places from websites, banner ads and brochures to TV ads, signs and maybe even mugs and totes.

Get your logo and branding right and it can be pivotal in launching a new venture or completely transforming an existing one.

Logos can be subtle, mysterious, geometrically cool, just type, elegant, boldly colorful or simple like Nike’s swoosh. Mostly they just have to work. And they need to be sticky… memorable in the minds of your audiences.

The process of designing a logo—the first step in branding you— is often one of the most challenging areas of graphic design.

From where we sit it starts with deep listening and asking question after question. We climb inside your mind for a little bit to mirror back to you the essence of you, your company, your enterprise.

This birthing process is often intimate and our job is to midwife the logo and artfully bring forth your overall brand landscape into existence.

Logo Elements that work

Here are a few key elements in creating an effective logo:
clean, elegant, strong and balanced design
connects immediately and clearly to your kind of business
typography that says what you are and do
differentiated, recognizable as something distinct
a color pallet that is appropriate to your business or enterprise
design that works in multiple advertising and marketing channels

Tag lines

Great tag lines appear to be effortlessly created because they just seem to flow. In fact, creating and refining one takes time, just like designing a great logo. Or it can just pop out of a brainstorming session and it works! Regardless, a great tag line ideally needs to stick in your memory.

Please enjoy our work examples.

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