Book Design Process

Book Design: It’s About the Cover

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but in truth most people do. At Thunder Mountain Books we take great care to create handsome, evocative covers that pull potential buyers right to your book whether in a bookstore or online.

We know that if you don’t grab them with an eye-catching cover, you’ve lost your magic selling moment. You may have written the novel of the century, or have a fabulous how to book that everyone needs, but if your cover gets a yawn… people will never turn it over or look inside. There is just too much competition for your eyeballs.

A book’s cover is where it all begins. Its imagery must captivate and reveal something about the book’s contents. Cover typography is so important. It helps create a mood and must complement and enhance the meaning of the cover’s imagery. Typography is one of our passions at TMB. It always makes or breaks a cover, so it better be good.
And let’s not forget the back cover. That’s the second place a potential buyer checks out. Is it easy to read, attractive, well thought out and organized? Every moment a reader holds your book is important, so the back cover really counts too.

Table of Contents defines the interior

The third runner-up in order of book design importance is the table of contents. This is where the book’s interior design better shine. The whole front end of the book is the final frontier for a sale, and you don’t want to lose potential buyers on the home stretch. Your subject matter may be fascinating but if your design says otherwise, is hard to read, looks boring or heavy… there are too many other books that will “feel” more enjoyable, satisfying and more apt to make a sale.

If your book comes to us we believe it is for a reason. You want a book to have the look feel and polish it deserves. You want to be proud of it and we do too. Our designs speak for themselves, whether your book is fairly straightforward or peppered with photography, art or illustrations.

Check out our portfolio of books, marketing collateral and video testimonials from some of our authors and see if Thunder Mountain Books makes sense for you.

Book Design Process

Even though getting a book out into the world may seem a bit daunting, once the book is written, it’s our job to make the process run smoothly. There are plenty of place into a brick wall, like finding a great website for publishing, but no way to talk to a friendly person to answer a simple question. Who has all day to search the site for an answer that may not even exist there?

At Thunder Mountain Books we have designed a process to see if there is a match between your book concept and what our services can provide. Please fill out the form below to get started. We’ll send you a questionnaire, you fill it out, email it back to us and we’ll see if there is a good fit and what that would entail.

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