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Print on Demand Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Thunder Mountain Books, a division of Thunder Mountain Design & Communications, helps new and seasoned authors enter the world of self-publishing with the facts you need to make good decisions about your book project. Whether you want to explore the possibilities of print-on-demand publishing, manufacturing your book in a traditional manner, or e-book publishing, we can steer you in the right direction, meeting your project needs and budget.

Print-on-demand publishing has revolutionized the book publishing industry. Whereas in the past authors had to find an agent to represent their manuscript to various publishing houses, or to do the legwork themselves, print-on-demand (POD) allows you to get your book in print quickly at a reasonable cost.

No more waiting to see if a publisher will ever look at your book to decide if they want to publish it, which in these economic times is a rarity, unless of course you are already famous!

POD allows you to print a single copy of your book, ten copies, 50 or 500 copies, whatever makes sense and your budget allows. And if you want to make a change or even hundreds of alterations after it’s in print, the updated book layout is simply uploaded again to the POD service and available immediately for printing.

POD is also a way to take your manuscript to a professional level for book reviews or pitching to traditional publishing houses if you still would like to go that route. It’s a great way to leverage a POD book for traditional publishing opportunities.

Thunder Mountain Books can help you navigate POD waters to see if it makes sense for you.

Traditional printing is another publishing option for your book. Generally, if you have a good market for your book, have some good reviews and a budget to print more than 500 books, you will get better unit pricing on your books with traditional printing.

Where you might spend $8.00 to print one copy of your book or $7.50 each to print 50, with print-on-demand publishing, with traditional publishing your unit cost for each book could drop dramatically at 500, 1000 or 2000 books. Of course the need for a good distribution plan is so important. No one wants boxes of books in a garage or spare bedroom getting dusty!

Thunder Mountain Books can consult with you to think your book project through in full equations from printing through marketing and distribution.

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