Who we are

If you’re reading this you should know a few things.

First, we’re a lot of fun to work with. We don’t take ourselves to seriously, but we do take our work seriously. We gratefully live, work, and play in stunningly beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Raw nature and spacious landscapes makes us more creative. It just does!

Typically we collaborate, partner, get inside your head, discover the exquisite nuggets about you, your company, your enterprise…and then we proceed to produce well beyond your expectations. We love solving problems, crafting messages, telling stories in rich color and memorable design. If you become a client we will probably become good friends.

Sedona is a micro mecca for creative types, writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, Internet marketers and analytics wizards. We have strategic partners here in the Sedona area and elsewhere across the globe.

Creative solutions providers, communication specialists… fairly accurately describe the team, comprised primarily of Jane Perini and Wib Middleton, co-owners. Jane is the graphic artist/art director with 30 plus years owning her own firm and producing award-winning designs. Wib brings a sales and marketing head to the equation and does copywriting, PR and editorial photography. It’s been a good mix of skill sets.

We have worked together for years, are married, have two amazing daughters and wished we hiked more. Our passion is working on projects that are especially altruistic, bring positive change, and are cutting edge, innovative and sometimes “out there.” We have helped found a couple of non-profits and we have a credo: Lead with Generosity. We serve our clients with a generous spirit.

Lately our joy has been to design numerous books cover-to-cover for some highly gifted and talent folks who now have a voice for their passions.

Please enjoy the look around our website.

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